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Meet a Member: Monica Thompson

I grew up in Baton Rouge and consider it home. An LSU graduate with a business degree, I’m a national marketing manager for a global engineering firm. I’ve got two young boys who both attend St. Luke’s Episcopal School. My oldest son asked me last year (in 2017) if we could go to church at St. Luke’s. We attended and now I’m not having to drag my kids out of bed on a Sunday to attend church. They want to go! It’s been rather charming to have my boys teaching me the way to be an Episcopalian. I’ve gotten an elbow and head shake a time or two. My nine year old loves correcting me! I have a soft spot for the pet blessing at St. Luke's in October. It’s something my husband usually takes the kids

Meet a Member: Jim Thompson

BACKGROUND INFO: - Originally from Texas (Lubbock, Dallas, Austin, Galveston) - Married to Jane for 44 years. Daughter Nancy, her husband Ricky and granddaughter Daisy who reside in Baton Rouge; son Jack who lives with his wife Anne in Washington DC. - Member of St. Luke's for 30 years - graduated in Business Administration from Texas Tech University - former media management consultant; currently retired ST. LUKE'S FAVORITES: - Liturgy, MCs, Acolyte Ministry - Any high service with incense is a favorite, especially Christmas OUTSIDE INTERESTS: - Mardi Gras, LSU and Saints football, music festivals, cooking and eating out - New Orleans is a favorite getaway. We'd recommend Commander's Palace

Meet a Member: Ashley Danos

BACKGROUND INFO: - Been in BR all my life, except for a temporary three-month residence in Mississippi when I was two years old, but I don't like to admit that. It didn't take & we came home. - Married to Jason for eleven years. Three kids - Regan (9), Morgan (7) & Logan (6). - I've been at St. Luke's all of my life. I was baptized, confirmed, & married in the same 10 square feet. - Educated at St. Luke's school through 4th grade, then Episcopal 5th - 12th. LSU - undergraduate degree in Accounting (1996), MBA in 1998. - I was the Controller for MAPP Construction for 10 years. I've been a stay at home mom since 2011 & became Director of Children's Ministry at St. Lukes in 2013 as a side hustl

Meet a Member: Carlie Boone

My husband, Chevis, and I have attended St. Luke's for six years. He is from Baton Rouge, and I am from Mobile, AL. We met at work, when we were both working in restaurants, which is how I ended up in Baton Rouge in the first place! My sister and her (now) husband attended and were married at St. Luke's. We came to church with them and loved it! More family members have come as well, and now 14 adults and children from our (extended) family are members of St. Luke's. I love St. Luke's because it is home. My family is happy here. Stephen Ministry is a big part of my life at St. Luke's. It's a cross denominational one-on-one caring relationship in which lay persons, through extensive training,


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