Over the course of four weeks, we will explore how the practice of intentional giving deepens our walk with Christ and supports life-giving ministries to our community.  Day by day, week by week, people in and around St. Luke’s experience their life of faith in new and deeper ways through your commitment.  Your generosity generates mission and changes lives.



Committing to a gift is an important part of our spiritual journey because it acknowledges that all that we have is entrusted to us by God for His glory and the good of His people.  It is also critical to responsible budgeting and planning for the church.  Programs cannot be initiated, expanded, or even continued without assurance that there will be funds to pay for them.



There is a direct connection between our commitment to the church and the ministries that make a difference in people’s lives.  To maintain our current ministry programs, we need a 3% increase in committed giving.  We ask you to consider a 3% increase in your financial commitment to continue the good work that is happening at St. Luke’s.  As you walk and pray during the course of the campaign, consider whether you feel called to offer a 5% increase to build upon the work that helps us fulfill our mission of “caring for one another, spiritual growth, and bringing others closer to God through Jesus Christ.”



Here is the road map for our Walking the Way Campaign:



  • You may participate in our campaign to “walk” to Jerusalem as a church family between October 5th and November 2nd.  Sign up and receive a booklet in the back of the church by October 5th to follow along with weekly Bible verses and reflections as you prayerfully consider your giving to St. Luke’s for 2015.



  • In the beginning of October, you will receive a letter and a financial commitment card. Pray over what your giving will be over the next four weeks.  Bring your financial commitment card to worship on Sunday, November 2nd.



  • Each Sunday from October 5th through November 2nd, parishioners will share stories of personal transformation through the practice of intentional giving.



  • Twice a week between October 5th and November 2nd, ministry leaders will send an email outlining how a slight increase in committed giving could enable them to grow and deepen the impact of their work for the gospel.



  • On November 2nd, we will celebrate the culmination of the journey with Commitment Sunday.  Financial commitment cards will be completed and offered to God in our worship.



Together we are called to walk the way of Jesus Christ by faithfully working, praying, and giving for the spread of the kingdom of God.  Your financial commitment to the mission and ministries of St. Luke’s makes it possible for us to touch people’s lives with God’s love.  Thank you for your generosity!


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