St. Luke's is important in my life very simply because it taught me how to be a Christian.  The priests, youth ministers, and Sunday School teachers that have served this great parish over the years guided and supported my relationship with Christ, teaching me how to serve God and how to fulfill my Christian responsibilities now as a wife and mother.


After many years dedicated to the programming of family ministry as a  St. Luke's church employee, God decided He had a different path for me.  This path led me to coaching youth soccer.  I was sure he was guiding me down the right path but it was still very difficult to leave the St. Luke's church staff after such a long time.  In the sea of the hundreds of children  I was soon to be coaching stood a young girl who was scared to death in this new "big girl" soccer environment.  As the tears rolled down her face she looked up at me and smiled.  This young girl had been a nursery baby during my time at St. Luke’s and a Sunday school student.  She smiled up at me and excitedly told her baby sitter "she is my friend, she taught me how much Jesus loves me."   


I knew, in that moment, that being a disciple of Christ by ministering to the youngest members of our parish was making me a better Christian.  I knew, in that moment, that God was allowing me to grow as a Christian through teaching His Word and about His love to the very children Jesus so adored.  St. Luke's has given me a place to utilize my gifts of ministering to children and has also cultivated an amazing group of volunteers that minister to my own children.  


God loves us so much he gave us His only Son.  He is a giving God.  If we are going to strive to be close to God we too must be giving people.  I believe that making a financial commitment to my church is a sign of my faith and commitment to God and my parish and is a recognition of the presence of God in my life.  The discernment process of how much to give, making the commitment through my pledge and then following through with my pledge has allowed me to grow as a Christian knowing I am helping to provide for the ministries of my church.   I give to St. Luke's happily and without hesitation each week because I know God is doing amazing work in our parish and it is my duty as a Christian and a parishioner to support the ministries of my parish. 


Brenna Perez