St. Luke’s Stewardship Message


In 1973 Sharon and I, along with our two children at that time, were looking for a new church.  We had been unable to find “the right one” when a friend happened to suggest St. Luke’s.  She was very happy here and spoke quite highly of the then rector, the Rev. Clarence Pope.  We attended services for several weeks and decided that I should make an appointment and go talk to him.  I gave him a quick history of why we were looking for a new church, and he seemed to be understanding.  At the end of our visit, he rose from his chair, shook my hand and said, “ Dennis, you and your family are not looking for a new church, you have found one and it is here at St. Luke’s.”  Those were such meaningful words at that time in my life.  I’ll never forget them and I once again had a church home.  I transferred my membership here, Sharon became an Episcopalian and we became active members.  Oh, what a ride!  It was so easy to become involved with other parishioners, and the clergy made us feel so welcome.  I quickly realized that this was a caring church where God would be active in our lives. 


Commitment Sunday is upon us again.  It is a time when some people groan as we pull out the calculator and decide how we will financially support our church.  Sharon and I decided years ago that we would tithe our income.  Period.  10%.  Period.  We knew it would be tough at first, but we did it over three years and it worked out to be easier than we expected.   Being retired now, our gross income has shrunk a bit from the amount it was during my working days, but the math part has remained the same.  We just have to do a better job of estimating the income amount.  We hold out money that we plan to donate to the diocese and to other religious and charitable causes.  The remainder  goes to St. Luke’s.  Period.


You have elected me many times to represent you on our Vestry and I have been honored to serve.  I’ve served as your Senior Warden seven times.  I’ve enjoyed working with our day school board for a number of years, but I still have the feeling that I can’t do enough for St. Luke’s.  Won’t you help me?  Let’s make 2016’s Stewardship drive the best.  I know our money will be well spent helping fellow parishioners in need as well as others who are less fortunate.


St. Luke’s has been here with us for decades:  Sometimes for weddings, sometimes for funerals, in sickness and in health.  I have called upon so many of you to assist with projects or to help our fellow parishioners in their time of need.  I know before I dial your telephone number that you will help if you can.  I thank you for your continued assistance at St. Luke’s.


Dennis Edmon             


8833 Goodwood Boulevard

Baton Rouge, LA  70806

(225) 926-5343

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