Who doesn’t like to see a smiling face first thing Sunday morning…Well that’s what you get when you walk into St. Lukes’ and see the bright smiling faces of Ushers and Greeters





Ushering at St. Luke’s is simple.  Hand out bulletins before service begins. Take up a collection. 


Direct crowd flow during communion. Pick up the bulletins from the church pews after the service is over.


Simple, well it sounds simple. As anyone who has ever ordered fast food from the drive-in knows, nothing is simple. “Mustard? I told them I did not want mustard.”


Ushering is not simple. Those few simple acts of ushering are so much more for both church members and ushers.


Handing out bulletins is not just handing out bulletins. It ranges from a quick “how are you?” to a family reunion with hugs and healthcare updates. The bulletin dispersion can be a ra-ta-tat of jokes, sports cast and fashion updates. “How about those Tigers!” “Julia Roberts called and she wants her dress back, that is beautiful.”


And there are times when either usher or church member is enduring a difficult time in their lives. A simple word or two of assurance can make a difference.


The collection – it’s a small but important time of bonding. It is a  financial bond between church member, church and God. And ushers feel a since of pride in being a part of it.


The communion just brings it all up a notch. It is such a deep spiritual experience for both ushers and church members.


Even the collection of bulletins by ushers from pews after the service lends a feeling of closure. 


The party is over, but the next one will be even better. It was great to be to see so many wonderful people and share some time with the good Lord.


Please join the fellowship and ministry of ushers…It’s that simple!


Ty Whitley



Do you want to make new friends?    Greeter Ministry is Back at St. Luke’s and we would love to have you join us with this ministry for the 9:00 or 11:10 service. One of St. Luke’s greatest assets is how friendly and generous we are. The friendships that I have here have made me realize how blessed I am to be a parishioner at St. Luke’s.  So let’s share our secret with others here and to the ones that are visiting with our love, kindness, and our smiles. Together we can all build an even stronger and loving church community.


Please take some prayerful time to consider this ministry.  If this is something that you would like to do and would like more information, please contact Wallace VanNortwick, Lynde Ulmer, Father Bryan or myself.


In His Name,


Cade Nichols




8833 Goodwood Boulevard

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