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"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength." Deuteronomy 6:5

God calls us to worship Him and to join together on a regular basis. Serving in the liturgy of the church is yet another way to worship the Lord. 


Acolytes at St. Luke’s are altar servers who range in age from the 5th grade through college. They perform ceremonial duties during Eucharistic worship services such as carrying processional crosses, lighting candles, holding torches, swinging the thurible, handing offering plates to ushers, and assisting the priest at the altar before and after Holy Eucharist. Anyone interested in training should contact Julia Golding at


Acolyte Vestments: 

We also have volunteers who assist acolytes in vesting and maintaining vestments. Contact Julia Golding if you would be interested in helping out with this ministry!

Altar Guild

Altar Guild is composed of a group of dedicated women of all ages who work behind the scenes to prepare for all Eucharistic services held at St. Luke’s. Altar Guild volunteers care for the linens, vestments, candles, silver vessels and brass candle holders on a weekly basis. They also decorate the church for Christmas and Easter.


There are four Altar Guild teams, with each team serving every fourth week. During their designated week of service, the team meets in the church Sacristy on Friday evening or Saturday morning for one to two hours to polish brass, trim candles, check vestments and linens and prepare for the services in the coming week. During the remainder of the week, team members are responsible for setting up for each Holy Eucharist. Members work together on the Sunday services and usually work individually for the weekday services. 


Training is on-the-job, and all members realize that service on an Altar Guild team is not a casual commitment. The clergy and congregation rely on us and we rely on each other to fulfill our duties each week. The rewards of Altar Guild service are great, and many members have served for decades.


To become an Altar Guild member, call Donna Berry at (225) 772-1476 or e-mail Donna at


Music at St. Luke’s is a major part of our worship experience, incorporating a range of music styles and instruments. Our 8 am service features traditional hymns sung by the congregation. Our 9 am service on Sundays offers contemporary and blended music accompanied by our 9 am Choir and Praise and Worship Band.  At 11:15 am, our service maintains a more traditional approach with Episcopal hymns, anthems, and Anglican chant. For more information about our choirs and rehearsal times, please contact Terry Bowman at 225-235-1148 or

Greeters & Ushers

St. Luke’s is always happy to add new greeters and ushers to our roster for Sunday morning services. Greeters welcome visitors and invite them to take part in our Sunday worship as well as Christian Formation. They also answer questions about life here at St. Luke's. Our ushers hand out church bulletins, help late-comers find seating, pass the offering plates, and help with the flow of parishioners to the altar during Holy Eucharist. If you would like to serve as a greeter or an usher at St. Luke’s, please contact our Greeter Coordinator Cade Nichols at; or the chair of the Usher Committee, Bill MacNaughton, at labill@cox.netor call the church office at (225) 926-5343. Click here for more information!

Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Lay Readers

Lay Eucharistic ministers (LEMs) serve during Sunday worship services and administer the elements (the consecrated bread and wine) at any celebration of the Holy Eucharist, in the absence of a sufficient number of priests or deacons assisting the Celebrant. Lay Readers proclaim God’s word by reading the lessons and Psalms to the congregation from the lectern, and leading the Prayers of the People. LEMs and Lay Readers can also lead the Daily Offices or Morning and Evening Prayer.


LEMs and Lay Readers have a training and are then liscensed by the bishop for their ministry. No special experience is required, only faith and an interest in these meaningful ministries. Anyone interested in becoming a LEM or a Reader should contact Fr. Bryan Owen by calling the church office at (225) 926-5343 or emailing

Music Ministries

Special musical events throughout the year include performances by our hand bell choir, Evensong on Sunday nights, and special concerts during the Christmas and Easter seasons. If you would like more information on the Music Ministry and Choirs at St. Luke’s, please call the church office at (225) 926-5343; or e-mail our Choir Director Leslie McLaughlin at


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