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We rejoice that you are interested in joining St. Luke's Episcopal Church! We hope you have felt at home during our worship services, met some of our church members at coffee hour or Sunday School, and perused our website to learn about our ministries and outreach. You can find more information about The Episcopal Church from a "What We Believe" webpage, HERE.


The first step towards membership at St. Luke's is the completion of our membership form, found HERE. Those who regularly attend St. Luke's generally fall into the following membership categories:​

  • Baptized Members: If you are a baptized Christian, then you may become a baptized member of St. Luke's. These are baptized persons of any age (including children), whose names are enrolled either by baptism, letter of transfer, or personal request. Please contact Fr. Chris Golding ( or 225-926-5343) for details and opportunities for baptism. 

  • Confirmed Communicants: Baptized persons who have made a mature affirmation of faith – either confirmation or reception – in the Episcopal Church, whose names are enrolled by confirmation, reception, or letter of transfer from another Episcopal church. Please contact Fr. Bryan Owen ( or 225-926-5343) for details and opportunities for confirmation. 

  • Communicant in Good Standing: These are active members who attend worship services regularly, participate in ministries, and offer financial gifts to further God's work in the community. Our church family is vibrant and thriving because of those who regularly receive communion, contribute ideas, study God's word, and love their neighbors through gifts of prayer, time, talent, and treasure. Members in "good standing" are eligible to serve on our Vestry.   



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