Table Talk with Jesus, beginning Sept 12

Join your friends at St. Luke's on Sunday mornings, beginning September 12, 2021, for Table Talk with Jesus, a new adult formation class for the fall.

New Adult Formation for Fall 2021: Table Talk with Jesus
New Adult Formation for Fall 2021: Table Talk with Jesus
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SUNDAY MORNINGS AT ST. LUKE'S 10:15 am until 10:45 am

It’s time to FALL BACK into Sunday Mornings at St. Luke’s!  It’s a new school year and we’re all ready to have our parish family together once again.  Following the early service, our “Holy Grounds” Coffee Shop will be open for sweets and pastries and warm fellowship. And – many Sundays, we’ll even have breakfast for all, so no need to feed the children before church.  After visiting a bit, we’ll settle in for an adult formation offering, as the young ones trot off to Sunday school. 
We’re calling our adult formation program “Table Talk with Jesus”, a relaxed way to share together in small groups around tables, as we grow in faith, and share in God’s holy friendship.  It’s always better to be together, so please join us in renewing our call to gather.  See everyone there!

Our first adult formation program will be around the letter of James, and is a light look at how James saw the Christian life, that is, how we as followers of Jesus put our faith and what we claim to believe into concrete actions out in the world.  We’ll be dividing this short letter into 5 “actions”, finding ways to make Christ’s love visible to others.  There is no need to read a thing before you join in, as we’ll be doing that together, and then discussing and sharing around in table groups.    
As we start, we’ve merged classes for the time being, so that leaders of both our “Scoundrels” group and our Pope gathering will be there to lend a hand.  Please don’t miss this….we’ll be waiting for you!

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