Ministry of the Month: Altar Guild

Fast facts about this ministry:

  • Altar Guild is composed of a group of dedicated women of all ages who work behind the scenes to prepare for all Eucharistic services held at St. Luke’s.

  • There are four Altar Guild teams, with each team serving every fourth week. During their designated week of service, the team meets in the church Sacristy on Friday evening or Saturday morning for one to two hours to polish brass, trim candles, check vestments and linens and prepare for the services in the coming week. During the remainder of the week, team members are responsible for setting up for each Holy Eucharist. Members work together on the Sunday services and usually work individually for the weekday services.

  • This ministry is not a casual commitment. The clergy and congregation rely on the Altar Guild, and guild members rely on each other to fulfill their duties each week.

Get involved:

Training is on-the-job. The rewards of Altar Guild service are great, and many members have served for decades. To become an Altar Guild member, call Donna Berry at (225) 772-1476 or e-mail her at


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