Meet a Member: Carlie Boone

My husband, Chevis, and I have attended St. Luke's for six years. He is from Baton Rouge, and I am from Mobile, AL. We met at work, when we were both working in restaurants, which is how I ended up in Baton Rouge in the first place!

My sister and her (now) husband attended and were married at St. Luke's. We came to church with them and loved it! More family members have come as well, and now 14 adults and children from our (extended) family are members of St. Luke's. I love St. Luke's because it is home. My family is happy here.

Stephen Ministry is a big part of my life at St. Luke's. It's a cross denominational one-on-one caring relationship in which lay persons, through extensive training, help care for people who are experiencing traumatic grief/loss/or other difficult life event.

I also love Children's Christian Formation. This is not the Sunday School we grew up with! There is so much time and work put into teaching our kids about God and we can do to live our life like Christ. And our Vacation Bible School is not to be missed! It's a week of crafts. games. singing, and childrens' fellowship!

My favorite service is the Palm Sunday service. It has always amazed me how Holy Week is such a solemn time, but has such a triumphant beginning and end. "The Palms" is one of my favorite hymns.

My main hobby is running. Unfortunately, so many races take place on Sundays! I try to pick my favorite Sunday races so I don't miss church too often!