Meet a Member: Monica Thompson

I grew up in Baton Rouge and consider it home. An LSU graduate with a business degree, I’m a national marketing manager for a global engineering firm. I’ve got two young boys who both attend St. Luke’s Episcopal School.

My oldest son asked me last year (in 2017) if we could go to church at St. Luke’s. We attended and now I’m not having to drag my kids out of bed on a Sunday to attend church. They want to go! It’s been rather charming to have my boys teaching me the way to be an Episcopalian. I’ve gotten an elbow and head shake a time or two. My nine year old loves correcting me!

I have a soft spot for the pet blessing at St. Luke's in October. It’s something my husband usually takes the kids to each year and it’s just so sweet!

I am sometimes late, but the lovely David Palmer always makes me feel like he’s been holding the door just for me with a wink and a smile. It makes me feel welcome. Bless you David!

"It is well with my soul" is a favorite hymn, but there are so many other lovely hymns.

Easter is my favorite! I know most people will say Christmas, but Easter feels so spiritual and I often think the flowers are smiling just to celebrate the season of rebirth and renewal.

St. Luke’s makes me feel at home. There is a sense of peaceful purpose.



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Baton Rouge, LA  70806

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