2019 Mite Box Recipients

Pick up your mite box on Sundays during Lent. Thank you!

St. Luke’s members of all ages have an opportunity to make an impact in the lives of four precious children. This Lent, the parish at St. Luke’s will again be making and filling mite boxes. A mite box is a cardboard “bank” of sorts in which we will save spare change or dollars throughout Lent. On Easter Sunday, the mite boxes will be collected, with all donations going to the children below. Anything we can give will make a difference. Thank you for participating!

Kamryn Merritt is 11 years old and lives in Prairieville. In July 2017 she was hiking in Colorado with her twin sister, slipped off the side of a mountain, and fell 70 feet. She broke her back in two places, broke five ribs, shattered her right elbow and had numerous internal bruises. She’s had two back surgeries to fuse her spine with rods, one elbow surgery, and countless procedures to help her heal. Kamryn is currently back in school but is in therapy three hours each day to improve her strength and mobility. Her family is trying to save money to attend a MNRI Conference in Orlando to get a personalized treatment plan from a specialist. You can follow Kamryn’s progress on her Facebook page “TeamKamCan.”

Harbor (8) Christus (4) and Aren (5) Curry are the children of U.S. Army Veteran, Travis Curry. They attend South Baton Rouge Charter school, love video games and dinosaurs! As a single father, Travis is just trying to make ends meet. All of the boys need new shoes, and Harbor needs new clothes. Any donations will go to helping this family with general needs.


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