April 14: Saved Soup Sale

Our fundraising soup sale is back for a second year! Thanks to our team of Saved Soup cooks, we'll have plenty of soup to sell this Sunday morning. All proceeds will go to our Mite Box Children, so stock up on some soup and buy some for your friends and neighbors! $5 per container. And give these volunteer cooks a pat on the back, too. We're so grateful!

Jean Blanche-- chili con carne Anne Craven-- italian sausage; italian wedding Ashley Danos-- chicken enchilada Heather Feierabend-- vegetarian lentil Margie Gaudet-- chicken and rice; hambone vegetable Sara MacDowell-- lemon chicken and spinach orzo Vee Morrow-- chicken tortilla Julie Owen-- GF chicken and rice; vegan red lentil & lemon (also GF) Laura Stucker-- taco


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