Sept. 22: Blood Drive

Starting November 21, 1978, things began to go downhill for me and my little family. Our daughter Megan had been born the week before, and all had gone smoothly…until I started bleeding heavily…very heavily. I had to leave my baby and ending up spending a week in the hospital….and after fainting twice and four trips to surgery, I finally got to go home, and oh, I was so very weak.

But I would have been even weaker had it not been for the generosity of three anonymous people who had donated blood, which was desperately needed…and appreciated. I only wish I could still donate to help others.

Even though I can’t, maybe you can….

Did you know that 38% of the population is eligible to donate blood? Fewer than 10% actually do.

This is a problem. Every day, many Americans depend on blood donations from generous volunteer donors for critical components of their medical care…it is truly the most personal, natural gift, for which there is no substitute…a truly life-giving gift.

On September 22, St. Luke’s is hosting a blood drive in partnership with Our Lady of the Lake. From 8 am to 12:30 pm in the Bloodmobile, parishioners and friends will take about an hour out of their day to donate blood…and save as many as three lives.

It’s easy to rationalize that someone else will fill the need, but when more than 41,000 blood donations are needed every day, each and every donation helps ensure that when someone needs blood in an emergency, there will be some to give them. YOUR time in the donation chair matters to those in need.

St. Luke’s has an account with the Lake’s blood center, so when blood or blood products are needed, these credits can be applied.

Save lives by making the commitment today: to donate yourself, and to ask your friends, colleagues, and loved ones to donate with you. There are snacks, and the amazing feeling of saving up to three lives – waiting for you on the other side. Let’s make this the best drive ever at St. Luke’s!

Faithfully yours,

Becky Williams


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