A May Farewell of Ms. Anne Craven

Updated: May 21, 2020

Fr. Bryan announces the May 15 departure of Ms. Anne Craven as St. Luke's beloved Communications Coordinator

Dear Friends in Christ,

I'm writing to let you know that Anne Craven is moving on from her position as Communications Coordinator for St. Luke's effective on Friday, May 15.

It's difficult to adequately describe all that Anne has done for St. Luke's since she started working with us in the Summer of 2016. She is a wonderful team player and a joy to work with. She's truly gifted in crafting on-target messages and putting them together in ways that are aesthetically attractive and inviting. She's built a strong communications foundation for our church. And long before COVID-19, her work has taken our ability to stay connected with each other to levels we could not previously have imagined.

Anne has expressed deep love for St. Luke's. And everyone on the church staff and the larger St. Luke’s community loves and appreciates her. So this was not an easy decision for her to make. Anne will now discern God's call for the next chapter of her life.

As an interim strategy for moving forward, Fr. Chris Golding will assume many of the communications responsibilities that Anne has overseen. And he will take the lead in helping us find a new person for the Communications Coordinator position.

As we move into this time of transition for our communications ministries, please join me in offering prayers of thanksgiving for Anne Craven’s ministry among us and for wherever God calls her to serve in the future.

And many thanks to you all for your continuing support for the mission and ministries of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

Grace and peace,

Fr. Bryan Owen

Ms. Anne Craven, pictured with Michael, Julia (8) and Sarah (6). We'll miss you, Anne!