A Message of Thanks from Keilor Kastella

Dear St. Luke’s Family,

It has been an honor and a pleasure to help bring music to worship services for the last 6 years. My spouse has accepted a job in Potsdam, NY, and we will be moving in early July. I regret that COVID-19 prevents me from saying goodbye to each one of you as I would have liked! But I will be back to visit for an evensong service, when they resume! We have found a wonderful pianist to perform at services, Dr. Lin.

I want to thank Fr. Bryan, Fr. Chris, Dcn. Reese, Fr. Lamb, Terry Bowman, Meg Duggar, Leslie McLaughlin, and the Choirs for their roles in the church, and just for being fun to work with. And finally, I want to thank the church congregation for providing such a welcoming place to worship for me and my family.