A Mitigation Compilation

As we continue to regather,

Please remember these matters…

Wear your mask if you’re over 2,

Be sure it covers your nose and mouth, too!

Stay 6 feet away from those who don’t live in your house,

And no singing yet…we have to be as quiet as a mouse.

When you come to church your temperature will be taken,

To be sure that COVID-19 you’re not baking.

And yes, you’ll get a sticker to let others know

That you’re not running fever and are OK to go.

Keep washing your hands and have sanitizer on hand.

Staying healthy …that is so grand!

If you find out that indeed, COVID-19, you’ve caught,

What needs to happen for adults, kids and tots?

Contact me at the office, so that if tracing's a need,

It can be started with the greatest of speed.

You can reach me by phone, text or email,

And do this, please, please, without fail!

No matter where from whence your COVID came,

We need to know to stay ahead of the game.

Your name won’t be shared, of that be assured,

My lips are sealed, and always secured.

It doesn't matter where you found this "gift",

You're able to be put on the prayer list.

We’re loving one another by doing these measures,

Because at St. Luke’s, each one is a treasure.

I pray that the New Year will bring COVID to an end,

And by following these ways, we’ll hopefully stay healthy, Amen.



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