A Voice and Heart for the Gospel of Matthew

An update on St. Luke's Good Book Club

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This pandemic has done some strange and wonderful things, despite the pain it has caused, as I reflect thus far on St. Luke’s “Journey through Matthew” by way of Facebook. In doing so, our church family joined the larger Episcopal Church through Forward Movement in reading daily from the Gospel of Matthew, starting on Easter Sunday and to end the 50th day after with Pentecost.

Currently, we have some 51 “members” and have enjoyed contributions from a varied crew: Fr. Bryan, Fr. Chris, Deacon Reese, Meg Duggar, Julie Owen, Brookie Allphin, Mike Gaudet and myself, each of us lending voice and heart to the readings, some familiar, some obscure. Each one of the “postings” has been an obvious deep sharing of how the daily word has resonated in each of us.

The “conversations”, the additions of art, the comments back and forth have been a place to gather. While not face-to-face formation, it seems that in some odd way, reading and reflecting with everyone in this much quieter venue has allowed another depth to what we’ve shared. The postings have been at once comforting and thought-provoking. And certainly, reading of the life of Jesus during this strange and often frightening time has reminded us that Jesus is indeed very alive to us, very real to us right inside of this crisis.

Please - join us if you haven’t already. Don’t be a stranger… simply go to Facebook and enter stlukesbrgoodbookclub, and we’ll open the door! (For now, you’ll have to get your own cookies and coffee!)

Ms. Margie Gaudet, Adult Formation Director

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