Announcing the new Fall 2020-2021 Adult Formation Classes

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

From Margie Gaudet

Fall 2020 Adult Formation Classes
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Dear Friends in Christ,

Another season is upon us, one I believe we all look for more eagerly now this year than ever before. Fall is coming and with it those thoughts of gathering, of returning, of coming together as families, and here at dear St. Luke’s, coming together as a church family as well.

“Gather” is an interesting word its Latin root “gregare” means literally to “come together as a flock.” Pardon the analogy, but how fitting for this time at St. Luke’s to think that the call to us to gather, as a flock of sheep gathers, is exactly what Jesus not only instructs, but commands us to do. Flocking together as “sheep of His hand” is the call to community that is the hallmark of a life rooted in Christ.

Once upon a time, in the midst the fear and chaos that surely followed Jesus’ crucifixion and death, Jesus’ command to his little band of disciples to gather to stay 'to-gether,' to wait and to pray. In some ways, we too are being called at this strange time to do the very same thing: to flock together, to gather as His body, and to await in hope and joy ”when two or three are gathered" Jesus is in the midst.

Join us, then, as we gather and wait in one or more of our gathering groups. Please join one or more. Please join in. There’s a place for you just waiting in our parish family.

In Christ,

Margie Gaudet