Oct 25th Flu Shots- Be on the Lookout!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Many have asked about having flu shots at St. Luke’s has been asked, and yes, they are planned!

These will be on Sunday, October 25, from 8 am to 12 noon in the Church Office. As in previous years, paperwork will be done in the reception area of the office, and then the vaccine will be given in the Rector’s Conference Room. This will allow for social distancing to be maintained throughout.

Also, the age for children is 8 years and older to receive the flu shot from our vendor. If a child has never ever received a flu shot, and the parents want to have their child immunized, a second flu shot must be given a month later. All insurances will be filed by the vendor, which is Bocage Pharmacy. With most insurances the shot is free; otherwise, it is $32.

Here is information from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) about what each of us can do to prevent the flu, and what to do if you get it :


If you have any questions about the flu vaccines, please let me know!

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