Memorial Day Out of Time

And so, just like that, Memorial Day is here, another holiday we mark on calendars. This day also heralds the beginning of another season – summer. On this day, we set aside time to recognize the deep and ultimate sacrifice of those who have placed their lives between us and danger. And this Memorial Day, I know we all mourn those who have died in their attempts to save us in this crisis – medical personnel, first responders, and the like.

But, with the passage of yet another holiday marking yet another season, are you as surprised as I am about the very movement of time? The alternating slow and fast of it, the blurring of days, one into another, into a water-color kaleidoscope of images and impressions?

On our family group text, someone sent this seen on an Austin restaurant billboard:



It’s clever, and we laugh. It just seems silly, until we think about it a bit deeper. This very strange ”time” in human history has, in a real way, moved us OUT of time altogether, outside of the parameters of chronological time and deposited us, in a sense, on the shore of God’s time, where “calendar time” fades, and time that is not rooted to the earth emerges.

Perhaps at some point in this whole ordeal you’ve noticed this. It may have begun with a bit of detachment from the “old” we knew – that is the world of predictable, regimented, highly scheduled time, and a gradual opening of your eyes to moments that went unheeded before, brief glimpses of something beyond: A child’s laugh, a bird sitting close, the unlikely bloom of an old rose bush, the pungent smell of dough. This odd time in history may be leading us into the reality of God’s time, and more - into God’s timing.

Surely, what we are living through now may not compare to the sacrifices and hardships of those who have gone before. But lest we miss the significance of this particular Memorial Day, maybe we should stop for a bit and take note of what we have sensed: God is showing Himself in a new way to the world.

I’ve heard folks long for “life as we knew it”, and I get it. These days can be frightening and isolating and confusing. And we will one day return to what we thought of as normal. We will. But maybe - just maybe – we can return with a memory, a memorial if you will, to living - just for a time - outside of time. Maybe we should not so much long for what was, but rather long for something very different and something much finer that is yet to come.

Kairos is God’s time. One author says that it is where we find the “golden thread” that runs through all of life – the golden thread that takes what is beautiful and good in the old and weaves it into the new fabric being made. If this is so, if new garments and a new world are being woven for us, let’s not allow the memory one day fade of what we have witnessed, of the places God has taken us in this “time outside of time.”

Ms. Margie Gaudet, Adult Formation Director


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