Operation Mask

"Operation Mask" for Patients and Healthcare Professionals:

An Outreach Project from Health Ministries at St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Patients and local healthcare professionals need our help. If you are able and willing to sew, please join Becky Williams, Julie Owen, and others from St. Luke's Episcopal Church to make surgical masks for patients and N95 mask covers for healthcare professionals.  

Masks should be made from tightly-woven 100% cotton, so not all fabrics are suitable. These masks will be sterilized and reused. There are two different patterns:

1) Surgical Mask for Patients:

Video tutorial: Deaconess Hospital: How to make a mask for doctors, nurses and health care workers for COVID-19

2) N95 Mask Cover for Healthcare Professionals:

Please contact Julie Owen for the correct pattern PDF.

Let us know if you want to stitch along with us to help members of our community through these difficult times. 

Becky Williams


phone: 225-335-2068

Julie Owen


photo: 225-615-6688


8833 Goodwood Boulevard

Baton Rouge, LA  70806

(225) 926-5343

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