Outward & Visible Signs of New Life

A Buildings and Grounds Update for 2021 and Beyond

Dear People of God,

As many of you know, for several years the leadership of St. Luke’s has been seeking ways to address building and grounds issues with our church and school. A number of our buildings are old and need replacing. While we aim in the long run to address all of these issues, we also believe that having lived through a pandemic means that we are not in a position to launch a capital campaign at this time.

Fortunately, due to the sale of several acres of land, we have approximately $1.8 million on hand. The Vestry has approved using that money to replace the church office, lower school office, and youth room. While this does not resolve all of our building and grounds challenges, this practical approach allows us to make a good start.

We are working with Steve Jackson of Cockfield Jackson Architects here in Baton Rouge to finalize building plans. We hope to begin demolition of the old buildings perhaps as early as this summer. And we hope to have new buildings in place approximately 1 year after completion of demolition.

As your Rector, I am excited that we can finally begin making progress on our most pressing needs. I believe doing so sends several positive messages.

First, it sends a message of stability. It says loud and clear that in spite of the difficulties of the past year, St. Luke’s remains strong and vibrant.

Second, it sends a message of commitment to the future. By building new offices for the church and lower school, and new space for our youth ministries, we affirm that 8833 Goodwood Boulevard will be home base for our mission and ministries for the long haul.

And finally, by taking a practical and modest approach, this construction project speaks to financial responsibility and good stewardship of resources. Rather than using the money from the sale of assets to fund the church’s operating budget, we are instead using the money to invest in the next 50+ years for our church and school.

Since he has been working closely with Steve Jackson on the details, specific questions about this building project can be directed to Lacy Howe. You can reach him at, or at (225) 413-0353

Please keep this project in your prayers. It’s a hopeful sign that a new day is dawning for St. Luke’s.

And thank you for faithfulness and support for St. Luke’s.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Bryan Owen

6th Rector