Picture This for Lent

Inspired by the "Picture This" class that our middle-schoolers have enjoyed each Sunday this year, we've put together a Lenten photo-a-day challenge that will help get our creative juices flowing as we reflect on the season of Lent. 

1) Consult the "Picture This for Lent" calendar above to find the word of the day. There are words lined up through Easter Sunday.

2) Snap a photo that captures what that word means to you.

3) Share your photo on social media, being sure to tag us and use #stlukesathome. Photos (and questions) can also be emailed to

4) We'll all get to enjoy them online, and we'll share a few right here on Fridays.


Do I have to do every single word?  Nope! Just participate when a word really resonates with you.

Is this photo challenge open to all ages?  OF COURSE! We want to see photos (or other artwork!) from young and old. 

Do I have to explain my photo in the caption?  Certainly not, but we really hope that you do! Be assured there are no "wrong answers" in this photo challenge.