Sacrament of Reconciliation

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

A note from Fr. Chris...

Sisters and brothers in Christ; grace and peace.

Anxiety. Fear. Confusion. There are many feelings that we could attach to these new times.

As our Lenten journey continues, the Scriptures and the Church offer these words as a counterpoint: Peace. Resurrection. Wholeness.

One of the most powerful moments of peace, resurrection, and wholeness I've experienced is making my confession before my ordaining bishop.

The day before ordination day as a priest, here I was to open myself to the other – someone I trusted deeply. Yet this same person could also decide not to go through with the whole thing! Looking back, it was a moment of lived-in vulnerability.

The one listening to an individual confession acts on behalf of Christ and the Church whom we all serve. And so, kneeling, I went through the prayer book's Reconciliation rite, praying to unburden myself of my anxiety and fear and confusion, and those lingering self-doubts that make us human.

I don't remember anything that I said that day! But I do remember the words that were prayed over me:

"Now there is rejoicing in heaven; for you were lost, and are found; you were dead, and are now alive in Christ Jesus our Lord. Abide in peace."

Fr. Bryan and I invite you to enter into this Sacrament this Lent over the phone or via a video call.

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