Shepherding St. Luke's: A Message from Margie and Mike Gaudet

Hello to our Christian family at Saint Luke’s. We wanted to reach out to all of you and tell you how much we love and miss you. Families are meant to be together, spiritually and physically. We hope that we can soon be fully together again to share in our collective journey with Christ Jesus.

These unusual times recall to us many moments in our own family life, and in our large extended family. The constant of St. Luke’s has been the backdrop of our days and years, and has infused every part of our life. As expected, St. Luke’s has always been there for big events - weddings (our own and our childrens’), christenings (our own children and our grandchildren) and unfortunately, funerals. More foundational though, is that St. Luke’s is and has been in our daily lives, always there, always within reach, a source of comfort and strength. Our circle of friends that is our St. Luke’s family is almost indistinguishable now from our family circle. In our day school and our church, our children - and now our grandchildren - have been shown how to be a follower of Jesus in a secular world. Our friendship with clergy, both within St. Luke’s and beyond its doors over the years, has shaped us and brought much more meaning to our spiritual life.

Now, St. Luke’s need us to help continue the mission that is our church. These unusual times makes personal contact much more difficult. Humans are social animals and such contact is an integral part of our being. It has been very comforting to those of us who have been able to attend services in person, but we must not forget those in our family who cannot. Please consider submitting your pledge this season to allow this vital work to continue. St. Luke’s needs you now more than ever.

Godspeed, Margie and Mike Gaudet

(Pictured above: The Gaudet's grandchildren)