Songs of Summer, a new Christian Formation Offering

Summer: a season of song!

And just like that, it seems, it’s summer. How time flies when we’re all having such fun! Seriously, my humble thanks to all of you who joined in our “Journey through Matthew” in any way – by reading along, following our reflections, offering personal insights, or posting your own reflection as food for thought. Our hope is that reading through this Gospel story in “virtual community” brought some comfort, some hope, some greater understanding of our lives hidden in God. Just knowing that we were all united in this way brought me yet another reminder of all that is beautiful and rich and oh so good at St. Luke’s.

And speaking of beautiful, I know that you must miss lifting our voices together in church, hearing the choir, watching the hymn board for our favorite hymn page numbers. Like me, I’d bet you’ve had experiences during our liturgy where a song sung or a piece of music played, struck a chord with you. And sometimes, just a phrase or a piece of melody can touch us so very deeply that something of the great mystery of God opens to us. I’d bet you’ve felt it.

I found a quote that might explain this:

“Hymns are what feelings sound like.”

Hymns speak to us of things for which there are no words and tell our hearts what is most true. Hymns teach us things that we might never learn another way. Hymns bring us home – to ourselves and to God.

Take heart, my friends -we’ll soon be back together physically in whatever way it happens, but until then we’re going to gather ‘round the piano (or the broken organ) and celebrate the “Songs of Summer”. We’ll chat about some of our favorite hymns and other Christian music. And – best of all, our beloved Terry Bowman will add his take, and perhaps we’ll learn a thing or two! But, for all of this – we need you!

Please share a bit of yourself by sending in a favorite hymn or song and then telling us why it’s so meaningful to you. Maybe, you associate it with a time or a place, maybe it meant much to someone you are close to, maybe it spoke to you in times of trouble – whatever.

Please go to Facebook, and search for stlukesbrgoodbookclub, You’ll see “Songs of Summer”, just ask to join. We’ll open the door (soon it’ll be with cookies and coffee!) and see you there!

You can send any thoughts you’d like to share with us at or