St. Luke's New Guidelines for Receiving Communion

The Diocese of Louisiana has established carefully thought-through guidelines to receive the Holy Eucharist during the Coronavirus. Please read these carefully and help us keep you our neighbor safe and healthy.

Receiving Holy Communion - All baptized Christians are welcome to receive Communion in The Episcopal Church.

· Everyone is required to use hand sanitizer before receiving the Eucharist

· Please come forward to the altar rail as the Ushers direct you and take an individual Communion cup from the tray

· A separate tray of gluten-free hosts are available

· Parents, please assist your children in taking a Communion cup

· If you are with someone who needs assistance walking, please take a cup for them also

· Please refrain from kneeling and return to your pew directly after taking a Communion cup

· Please consume the Eucharist in your pew and then place the Communion cup in the receptacle in front of you (or next to you if you are seated in a front pew)

· Use hand sanitizer again once you have consumed the Sacrament

· If you happen to drop the Communion cup before you return to your pew, please pick it up, dispose of it in a receptacle, and take another from the tray


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