Stay Home and Staying Healthy

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Dear St. Luke’s Family,

By now, you’re probably well aware that staying home is a huge part of what we can each do to slow down the spread of COVID-19. I pray that we will all stay healthy through this time.

What if one has a pastoral need, such as upcoming surgery? Please contact the church via email or phone to let us know. Facetime, Skype and other messaging options will allow “virtual” visits for prayers and blessings.

Also now we have to look at alternative ways to make groceries. Maybe you’ve never made groceries online…it was a new experience for me, too! I didn’t like not being able to feel the produce, or see what impulse buys were available, or what substitutions I could make…but I did it anyway, and next time will be easier. And it was nice not having to race for a convenient parking space at Walmart.

These grocery stores offer online shopping, and/or home delivery:

Walmart: The app also shows a home delivery option at a cost.

Target: The Target website shows home delivery available through Shipt.

Albertson’s: The website also shows home delivery option.

Rouse’s: The website also shows home delivery option.

A recent article in The Advocate listed foods to have on hand. The foods listed are not unlike what we’re used to having before hurricanes: canned vegetables and fruit, dried pasta and grains, nut butters, canned tuna and other canned fish, beans such as red beans, pinto, black, garbanzo and cannelli.

And what about your meds? Here are some resources for those:

CVS—join CarePass (through the CVS app). It costs $5/month, and you get $10/month “credit” to spend in the store—the website offers free home delivery.

Bocage Pharmacy Centre—364-2847. Home delivery available.

Lagniappe Pharmacy in Baton Rouge, Gonzales and Prairieville. The website shows delivery available.

Another option for medications is the mail order service offered by health plans. Three-month supplies of your prescriptions can be delivered to you. Your doctor will have to order the meds that way, and it can usually be done easily. Certain Medicare plans also offer a quarterly budget for OTC meds and certain health supplies, and these are also delivered free. Be sure to take advantage of that!

Finally, remember to be gentle with yourself through all of the stresses of this time. If you need help, please call.

“Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you, and that you may be in health….” 3 John: 2

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