The Longest Night of the Longest Year

2020 has certainly been a year of firsts…for many, a first pandemic; a first time wearing masks in public and coordinating the mask with your outfit; a first time to do meetings and gatherings on Zoom; a first time to teach children at home; a first time to watch St. Luke’s services on Facebook or Vimeo; a first time to make reservations to attend church; a first time to make groceries via the Internet…and the list goes on and on!

It has also been a year of great change, and of many losses…the loss of a sense of security; the loss of the ability to travel freely without the fear of catching a potentially fatal illness; the loss of family gatherings; the loss of loved ones; for some, the loss of jobs and income…and yet, it has also been a time of refocusing on what is truly near and dear to each of us.

As we approach the longest night of what has been the longest year, I invite you and yours to join us on December 21 at 6pm for the Longest Night service, as we lift up these losses in prayer. This special service also has lighting of votive candles to remember these losses, and offer prayers for healing. There will also be votives to take home with you, to illuminate this time.

You are certainly welcome to invite others from the community to come, and yes, reservations must be made either through

EventBrite>> or by calling Wilma at the St. Luke’s office, 926-5343. Registration will be open from 12:30 pm on November 29 until 12 noon on December 16.

I do so hope that you will join us for this special service, and may you and yours stay safe and healthy.

Wishing you God’s peace at this time,


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