Visiting the Columbarium

The Columbarium at St. Luke’s is a revered and sacred area of the Chapel. Many loved ones, young and old, are there, and join with us in the “communion of Saints.”

And now, visiting with these beloved is again possible. Starting Sunday worship and regathering was the first big effort of The Task Force, and thanks to all involved, this regathering has gone smoothly. The question of how to maintain a healthy environment in Chapel so that visiting can happen has been addressed. To this end, here are the guidelines:

●The area surrounding the Columbarium will be available for visiting only before the Sunday Mass.

●Please arrive 15-20 minutes before the Service, and get checked in with the ushers and Health Ministry.

●The visiting will be done in the same manner as going up to receive Communion; that is, household members can be together, but otherwise, social distancing must be observed between individuals. Masks are required.

●After visiting, please go to your reserved seat.

Thank you for keeping everyone safe and healthy through this time.