Volunteers Needed on February 25th during COVID vaccinations!

The COVID vaccinations are scheduled now for February 25th, with the second vaccinations to be given 4 weeks later on March 25th.

190--yes, 190! appointments have been made, and volunteers are needed to make our guests welcome during this time, by doing such things as handing out consents and pens, and directing them to bathroom, etc. If you can give an hour or two or either—or both!—days, please let me know. My email is

This is indeed a life-saving offering to not only St. Luke’s, but also to the Baton Rouge community—and there will be many from the community coming. What a way to share St. Luke’s with them! And many, many thanks to Brookie Allphin-Smith for sharing the information about Albertsons providing vaccines! The coordinator said it is through the churches that so many can be reached and vaccinated…much like following hurricanes and floods, the houses of worship provide care in so many ways, and so effectively.

Thank you for helping so many be healthier, and slowing the spread of this awful disease.

Faithfully yours,