What's Up Tuesday: Virtual Bible Study

St Luke’s has two weekly Bible Study groups, and we are really missing studying, praying, laughing with each other. What to do? Zooming was a possibility, but who knew anything about that? The solution: Call Fr. Chris!

What’s Up Tuesday has just had our second Zoom meeting, thanks to our fearless priest. We have a developing format that includes prayer, an Inspiration Time, lots of smiles, and a round table discussion. The hour flies by!

When we first started thinking about Zoom, an image of my mother’s quilt group came to mind. There was a big wooden quilt frame in our home. The ladies would come to quilt, sit around the frame, work, and just be together. I talked about my vision to our group last week, and we could all imagine that picture. YET, there we were on the internet, joined in 12 frames in this crazy time of stress and isolation.

Matt 18:20 (TLB) tells us “for where 2 or 3 gather together because they are mine, I will be right there among them.” We know He is among us, even on Zoom. Who could imagine the difference in Mom’s quilting bees and today’s technology that allows us to come together in the digital world? We do know that God orchestrates our lives, even to our computers. We also know that we love being together in His name.

What’s Up Tuesday? It’s something like an old-fashioned quilting bee where we are being stitched together in love.

- Gloria McKenzie