With grateful thanks!

Please join me in thanking all of those who helped take temperatures before the Sunday Services…as of April 11, temperatures will no longer be taken, and stickers no longer be given out. This decision was reached after consulting one of our own St. Luke’s doctors, whose guidance I deeply appreciate. However, should (heaven forbid!), we find ourselves in Phase 1 or 2, look for us to return!

Those who made these screenings possible are Tammy and Keith McDavid, Gloria McKenzie, Ellen Campbell, Steve and Joanne Carver, Paula Carter, Wally Van Nortwick, Catherine Baucom and the best sticker-givers, Clayton and Lily Baucom.

This is another step toward a more “normal” way of life….we’ve come so far in a year, and although we still have a way to go yet, we can rejoice in this step.

Faithfully yours,


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