Wrapped in prayers: the blessing of the shawls ministry at St. Luke's

This Sunday, there will be a blessing of shawls and quilts at the 10:30 service. Quietly and lovingly, the members of the Shawl Ministry make shawls and quilts to wrap many in prayers. The faithful members have made over 700 shawls and quilts since 2014, and these have been given to adults and children alike.

The impact these shawls and quilts have had extends to both the maker and recipient. The shawls and quilts are made with prayers, and then blessed before going forth to do their ministry. Deacon Reese has noted that there is not only an immediate effect when someone receives a shawl or quilt, but a long-term one as well. The shawls and quilts are a tangible sign of prayers and also of connection to St. Luke’s. The farthest a shawl has gone is Bogata, Columbia…this ministry truly reaches far and wide!

Our shawl makers have included Girl Scouts, who made shawls out of fleece to give to children at the St. Jude’s affiliate at OLOL. Other special projects have included making fleece shawls for the police to give out, making red hats for babies during February in collaboration with the Heart Association, pink shawls for breast cancer awareness for Tonya Robertson’s church, and knitting breast prostheses for ladies to have after mastectomies. PSHEW!

How does one obtain a shawl….one call, that’s all! Just let me know and I’ll be happy to get one ready for you. These aren’t only for parishioners...they are also for anyone who needs to be wrapped in prayer. Right now, there are lots of shawls and quilts that are waiting to do their ministry, so please let me know if you know of someone who needs one.

Thank you for your help in extending God’s love and prayers by giving someone such a powerful gift.

Faithfully yours,