Youth Formation Table Topics to do at home with your children

1/24 – Today is our first “Table Topic” for our spring semester of Sunday school! 2020 was… well... 2020. We can all come up with a long list of things we didn’t like. Try to come up of 10 things your family is GRATEFUL for from 2020. Two of ours were more time together, and a break from our usual crazy & chaotic schedule. We’d love to hear some of your answers in the comments!

1/31 – TABLE TOPIC #2 – What are some of your favorite childhood memories? Share them with your kids & have them share theirs. What memories are you looking forward to making in the future?

2/7 – Getting ready for Lent

What is Lent?

Start to talk about something you can give up for Lent as a family; maybe a favorite food or drink. Nightly dessert? Is there something extra you can do as a family? Random acts of kindness? An extra prayer at breakfast or bedtime? Make Lent meaningful this year for your family.

2/14 – Who was St. Valentine?

St. Valentine, for whom this holiday is of course named, was an actual historical figure. He was a Roman physician who was also a Christian priest during the days of the early church. This was at a time when Christians saw tremendous persecution and many practiced in secret.

There are actually a couple versions of the Valentine’s Day story. One version, has it that Valentine was so loved by the children of the town that they would constantly write him notes speaking of their affection--hence the origin of exchanging valentines.

In the other version of the story, Valentine is working to heal a blind boy and is arrested by Roman soldiers for his work as an “undercover priest”. Valentine is shortly thereafter sentenced to die. And yet before he is taken off to be executed, he takes the time to write to the little blind boy a note explaining to him Jesus' love, enclosing a small treat. According to this story, when the boy eats the treat his eyesight is miraculously restored, and he is able to see well enough to read Valentine's note--which is, of course, at the exact same moment that Valentine is executed. Check out this cute video for more:

Mardi Gras Day - Jesus was TEMPTED while alone in the wilderness. What does it mean to be tempted? In what places are we tempted today? Have you decided what you will give up for Lent? How will you be tempted to break your commitment? What can you do to stay on track? Jesus wants us to need HIM more than the thing we give up. Pray for His strength to help you through this time. Check out this cute video on one way to stay accountable.

You can download the form here:

Ash Wednesday to home

Ash Wednesday - ASH WEDNESDAY: The use of ashes is a symbol of humility and REPENTANCE. Talk about the beginning of Lent as a time of quiet reflection in which we remember our own smallness in the presence of a great God. Look up the word "repent" in the dictionary. How can we repent and be sincere about it?

2/21 – Table Topic! Jesus answered the second temptation by saying again, 'You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve." Are we tempted to WORSHIP something different from the one God? If so, what? We may not use the word "worship" to express a level of deepest commitment or interest. Today we tend to use terms like "first priority". What has priority in our lives? What can you do to get your “first priority” back to Jesus?

2/28 – Table Topic! If you could be anyone from the Bible, who would you be, and why? Who would you not want to be, and why not? Share some of your family’s answers in the comments, if you’d like.

3/7 – Table Topic! “Prayers for the People”

We read these every week in church. Choose a form & read it through as a family. Name people in your family or community that need these specific prayers and pray for them. If you don’t have a Book of Common Prayer at home, use this one:

3/14 Table Topic! Read the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) or watch this video.

What does the Samaritan do to show that he is a good neighbor? How might we show that we are good neighbors today?

3/21 Table Topic! Cook a meal together. Make sure everyone in the family has a part in the meal. Work together to get the meal on the table. What steps went into making each part of the meal? Talk about how many people have to work to make the good we eat. (Talk especially about farmers, food processors, grocers, etc.) What would happen if these people didn’t do their jobs? Be thankful that they do!

3/28 – Palm Sunday

Today is the celebration of Jesus' TRIUMPH as he entered into Jerusalem in an act that fulfilled Scripture. It was to be a short-lived triumph, however. How can we best prepare the way for the coming of Jesus Christ? Will we be like the crowds that soon fell away? Or will we stay with Jesus in his hours of trial?

4/1 – Maundy Thursday

Jesus took the role of SERVANT. He washed the disciples' feet as a symbol of his serving ministry. Peter protested. Are we willing accept Jesus as our servant? What does he do for us? How, indeed, can we emulate his role as servant? Who can we serve?

4/2 – Good Friday

4/3 – Holy Saturday

Ever wonder what eggs have to do with Easter? Well wonder no more!

4/4 – Easter


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