St. Luke’s 2015 Annual Giving Campaign


On Thanksgiving, 17 years ago, our family visited St. Luke’s for the first time. We had just moved back to Baton Rouge and were looking for a parish home and school for our eight and three-year-old children. It’s no coincidence that we became part of St. Luke’s during the Thanksgiving season, especially since it’s my favorite holiday. I thank God daily for giving us the opportunity to move back and for giving us St. Luke’s. In good times and during hard times, St. Luke’s has been there for us.


The good times celebrated with St. Luke’s are countless. I’m thankful for the life-long friends; sharing in special moments together; from academic milestones and extra-curricular activities as our children grew to our beginning empty nest stage.


Caring for a terminally ill parent was truly the most difficult time I’ve experienced. My father, a devout Catholic spent his 85 year life in service to others. He taught math for 55 years, the bulk of these for the Diocese of Baton Rouge. At his greatest time of need, his church was unable to be there for him, but St. Luke’s was!  Fr. Bryan, our newly appointed Rector, didn’t even know my family or me,  but he made it a priority to visit with Dad.  I wasn’t there at the time, but this was a very special moment for my Dad. Upon learning of his death, on a very busy Holy Saturday, Reese visited with our whole family to provide support and comfort. The outpouring of love from St. Luke’s Church and School was incredible! Prayers were offered, notes were written, funeral food was prepared, delivered and served, and others helped with crowd control. Your love was felt and your presence was evident. My heart is full.


Commitment Sunday provides me a focused time each year to reflect on the many blessings God has given to our family and me. I am truly grateful to St. Luke’s!


Giving comes from my heart and is an outward expression of my gratitude. It’s one way I can share the gifts God has given me while answering his call as one of Jesus’ disciples.


The idea and even more so the act of giving is not as easy as it sounds. Life’s challenges can get in the way— feeling the lack of time, resources or energy. Everyone's situation is different, but I know that “with God, all things are possible.”  I am reminded of this when I do something that stretches my comfort--whether it’s teaching Sunday school, regular attendance or giving something in the plate each week, I’m committed to do and give more.


It is through this soul-searching and commitment that I can grow spiritually and live closer to God.


I am thankful for St. Luke’s and happy to give back to our church. I ask you to to join our family this year in making a commitment of your time, talents and treasures.    


Renee Trusty