St. Luke's Endowment Funds


The St. Luke’s Endowment Funds was established in 1989 to organize and manage the endowment of St. Luke’s Church and School. The Endowment Funds Board meets quarterly during the year to establish investment and spending policies for the endowment and other special funds, to review investments, and to periodically recommend grants for the ministries of the church, our outreach missions, and to support humanitarian and service needs of our community. Gifts to the church for specific ministries or to support special outreach and missionary projects are always welcome!


Please contact our Senior Warden if you have specific questions about the Endowment Funds or its current grants. You may find out more information about Planned Giving to the Endowment Funds or the Church by contacting our Treasurer. The Senior Warden and the Treasurer can both be reached through the main Church Office at (225) 926-5343.