When you think of stewardship, what comes to mind? Here at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church we invite you to take a new look at our responsibility to share our blessings, by joyfully giving to God and to the life of our church.  Part of our mission at St. Luke’s is to help make stewardship a way of life for each member of the Body of Christ, starting with what each of us has to give: our Time, our Talents and our Treasures.

Stewardship is an Expression of Love

The creation story in the book of Genesis teaches us that God intends for us to be generous and that giving is a privilege. His charge to us then and now is to take care of the earth and everything in it. Stewardship at its core is an attitude of the heart. Our loving response to God’s overwhelming love for US is to give back to Him. How do we put that impulse into action? There are many examples: by offering our unique abilities to serve as a Sunday School teacher, as a Hospital Visitor, as a volunteer with the annual St. Luke’s Garage Sale, as a member of our choir, and by committing to pledge monetary tithes and gifts to St. Luke’s, on a regular basis and to special needs funds.

(Bible references: Genesis 1:28-31)  


Stewardship is About Relationships

Our lives at St. Luke’s are centered in worship at the altar and the sharing in the Body and Blood of Christ through Holy Eucharist. Likewise, when it comes to stewardship, our relationship with Christ is where we begin. Time and again in the New Testament, lives were transformed through encounters with Jesus from the tax collector Zacchaeus on the road to Jericho, to St. Paul’s conversion experience with the risen Christ on the road to Damascus. Like them, we are changed and so are our priorities, through our walk with Jesus and by seeking His will for our lives, our possessions, and our money.

Similarly, stewardship is also about our relationships with others. The parable of the Good Samaritain tells us that as stewards of God’s world, we are called to care for our neighbors both within our church family and in the larger community. In the parable of the ten talents, Christ also talked about the fact that we are all stewards, regardless of how much or how little God has entrusted to us.
(Bible references: Luke 19: 1 -10, Acts 9: 1-19,  Luke 10: 25 – 37, Matthew 25: 13 – 40)

Stewardship is Faith in Action

Have you ever had the experience of knowing you were “stepping out in faith”, much as Peter stepped out of the boat in faith to walk to Christ on the water? In today’s world, we often feel that we’re stretched to the end of our abilities in terms of energy, time, and finances. Again, Christ is reassuring us to keep our eyes on Him, and to follow Him through faith. Agreeing to serve on a church committee, leading a Bible study, volunteering to help with a Youth Mission trip, and signing a pledge card all involve moving forward in faith. The story of the widow’s mite in the books of Luke and Mark show Jesus commending the widow for giving all that she had to live on.

We, too, are called by Christ to give God our whole selves: our Time, our Talent and our Treasures. At St. Luke’s we are creating systems of giving that will prove workable over time,  and will include everyone and their unique gifts and talents.  We believe that in taking steps toward Christ through stewardship, God will reward each of us and will bless our gifts to His glory. Join us in joyful stewardship, as we claim His promise, “For nothing is impossible with God!”


(Bible references: Matthew 14: 27 – 32, Luke 21: 1 -4, Mark 12: 41- 44, Luke 1: 37)