2017 Vestry Nominees

Owen Cope

I am native of Kingston Jamaica and I migrated to Louisiana from Jamaica in 1976.  Was employed with Entergy on July 6, 1976 as a Marketing Engineer and worked as a Senior Account Representative and Major Account Representative. In 1996 I was relocated to Baton Rouge as a Customer Service Manager.  Also, transferred membership from St Luke’s Episcopal Church New Orleans to St Luke’s Baton Rouge.   Retired from Entergy in December 2013 after 37 years of service.

Major professional accomplishments include: Past President Port Allen Rotary, Past President of West Baton Rouge and Iberville Parish Chambers of Commerce, also Chairman of Family Services of Greater Baton Rouge. 

As a cradle Episcopalian (Anglican), St Luke’s mission is right in line with mine. St Luke’s is a church that is community-minded with a very good music ministry. In other words there is room for everyone.  We also have a good school which is known outside of the walls of the church. This should give us opportunities to increase our membership.

My activities here include Lay Eucharist Minister, Stephen Minister and Choir Member.  I attended the 73rd General Convention of Episcopal Convention as an elected delegate in Denver Co,  July  2000. I am also currently a member and past treasurer of New Orleans Black Chorale.

Educational background: BS in Electrical Engineering from Chicago Technical College 1971. Attended Kingston College High School in Kingston, Jamaica 1960-1965.

Hobbies include singing, soccer and meeting people.

Chuck Duggar

In late 2004 my employer offered me a temporary work assignment in Baton Rouge – “one year, two at the tops” was how it was proposed.  That was 12 years ago…


When we first contemplated the move from Tallahassee, Florida to Baton Rouge, the primary concern that my wife, Margaret, and I had was how our three children would adapt.  Our daughter, Marygrace, was in second grade and our sons, Allen and Emory, were in preschool.   Finding a school was our top priority, even more so than finding a house.  Long story shorter, we were fortunate to find St. Luke’s Day School and were quickly drawn to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.  We are honored to serve in the 9:00 Family Choir and have been part of the Thy Word Sunday School Class since it began in 2008.  St Luke’s is a tremendous blessing for our entire family and is a big reason that Baton Rouge has become home.   The gift from St. Luke’s for which I am most grateful is a strong foundation; the strong spiritual foundation we have all received through worship and Christian formation and the strong educational foundation our children received at the Day School.


Our community has many needs and we as a congregation have numerous opportunities to help meet those needs.  For me, continuing to strengthen the relationship between the church and school would be a priority.  Having served two terms on the Day School Board of Trustees, I have an understanding of how the school operates and I understand the school is a key ministry of the church.  I would also like to be more involved in the outreach of our Church, possibly with new sustainable ministries across Baton Rouge.  I appreciate being considered for service on the Vestry and I look forward to all that God has planned for St. Luke’s in the years ahead.

Steve Irving

Mary and I joined St. Luke’s nearly 30 years ago at the encouragement of a friend who wanted me to sing with him in the choir. I have been singing for my service ever since. Later we became the parents of two boys and when they were old enough the boys went off to St. Luke’s School. The school was a wonderful experience for us. My youngest had a mobility impairment but was enthusiastically welcomed at St. Luke’s. Not having been in scouting myself, I was pleased that there was a cub scout and a boy scout troop available at St. Luke’s. There were merit badge classes to teach and hiking miles in the woods as an adult leader. Mary and I now have two eagle scout dad lapel pins to show for all the hard work. Our boys are now grown men, one a Ph.D candidate and the other in law school. Through the years I have seen that St. Luke’s has so many wonderful programs for the family. My vision for the future of St. Luke’s is to see these programs prosper and to grow new opportunities and expand public service.

Qualification wise, I have a law degree from LSU and have practiced law in Baton Rouge for 42 years, primarily in my own firm.  30 years ago I was elected to the board of directors of a local electric cooperative, DEMCO, and have been reelected to the board nine additional times. Currently I am also vice president of the DEMCO board and Chairman of the Finance Committee. You could say that my hobbies are one disaster after another.  I am the DST (Technology and communications) lead for the Louisiana Region of the American Red Cross, and a Red Cross national first responder and have worked disaster relief in hurricanes, tornadoes and floods for many years.  I am also an assistant emergency coordinator for the Amateur Radio Emergency Service.

Brad Lee

St. Luke’s couldn’t have happened at a better time for my wife and I. We were looking for a forever home to call our church family and St. Luke’s fit our style at the perfect time in our lives. Since then, St. Luke’s has brought many happy and joyful times and memories for us. I was raised Baptist and was baptized around the age of thirteen after attending a church camp one summer. That is where my spiritual life began. After graduating high school and joining the military, my spiritual life with God fell off and failed to show back up until I met my wife Lisa. It was then that I realized that I wanted to raise a family in a church setting like I was.  St. Luke’s was a welcoming beacon of light that appealed to our interest in more than one way. From the very first visit, we were welcomed with open arms and felt that we have found a place for our small family to grow, in personal and spiritual relationships. We have developed some very close friendships and family ties with several members. Both my wife and I have been confirmed as Episcopalians and have had our daughter Madison and son Duncan baptized. Since the beginning I have been a faithful server of our hospitality team and have participated in every fifth Sunday and Thanksgiving. Most recently I started to serve as an usher. My wife Lisa serves on the communication committee, stewardship and hospitality team with me. If our family isn’t serving our church then we are donating our time and efforts to my wife’s work in multiple charity activities.

What I plan to bring to the Vestry is hopefully a new vision of where our church can grow. I see other churches around Baton Rouge and I am amazed at the amount of activities they offer for their church families. We have the means and the facilities to offer the same types of activities,  to our church families and to bring new families into our community and grow our church family. 

Vee Morrow

Hope, Peace, Joy, Love.  Our advent themes are God’s gifts, always available to us.  As I focus on each one, I learn more, grow deeper and stronger and get to know God a little more.  I continue to receive these gifts by participating in various activities at St. Luke’s.  After my confirmation in November, 2011, I joined the Altar Guild and co-chaired the Arts and Crafts Fair with my husband, Kenny.  In December, 2015, I, along with a lot of volunteers, began a revitalization of the Hospitality Guild.  Using shared meals is an opportunity to enact mission and community.  A common table with acceptance and equality teaches us grace.  I have had fun, made many new friends, and enjoyed the warmth and caring of my church family.  Involvement is especially important to me as a Christian – Thanksgiving dinners, garage sale, clean-up day, organization and food preparation for Christian Formation classes, Bishop’s Reception, Fifth Sundays, Annual  Meeting, Crossroads, Lenten series, Advent Wreath gathering, Easter Egg Hunt and other receptions.  I retired with 43 years of service from the Federal Programs department of the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board.  I learned how to effectively organize, plan, manage resources and finances as a grant writer and manager.  As a vestry member, I will support the church’s mission with my words and actions.  

Laura Thomas

Our family has received numerous gifts and blessings as members of St. Luke’s.  My husband, Ellis and I came to St. Luke’s in 1990 looking for a place that felt like home offering both core Anglican traditions as well as a small town, friendly feel in the big capital city.  As a cradle Episcopalian, church has always been an important part of my life for worship and volunteering.  Once we started having children we found an extended family of church and school friends and parents. All three of our kids attended St. Luke’s School from Pre-K to graduation.  Being a part of the St. Luke’s family through both church and school they were able to experience a loving environment with opportunities to provide service through EYC, school projects and St. Luke’s Music Ministry.  We have stayed active through the years enjoying the friendships we’ve made while appreciating St. Luke’s worship and ministry. 


I plan to continue my service to St. Luke’s Music Ministry and be a voice for choir and musicians working to find ways to foster new volunteer members.  As part of the Vestry I can bring my 30 years of business, marketing and sales experience to help with support of membership growth, capital campaigns or communications.  St. Luke’s school is our most important outreach program and I feel my experience as a St. Luke School Mom and church member can be helpful as we continue to support the growth and nurturing of our largest ministry and warmly welcome students and their families to join our congregation.  I’d like to work with church and school leadership to help continue to build the bridge attracting school families to also become members of our church family.

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