Fall 2021 Adult Formation Offerings

Sunday Bible Study at 10:15 am
Begins September 12: Our first adult formation program will be around the letter of James, and is a light look at how James saw the Christian life, that is, how we as followers of Jesus put our faith and what we claim to believe into concrete actions out in the world.  We’ll be dividing this short letter into 5 “actions”, finding ways to make Christ’s love visible to others.  There is no need to read a thing before you join in, as we’ll be doing that together, and then discussing and sharing around in table groups.    

Tuesday Bible Study at 10 am
Starting August 3, join this co-ed group in Pope Hall at 10am.  After finishing a few final chapters of Ezekiel, we will move on to Daniel. We’d love to have you join us for a time of prayer, Bible Study and fellowship. Contact Gloria McKenzie for more information at 225-272-9563.

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