Fall 2021 Adult Formation: Table Talk with Jesus

You are invited to join us for Table Talk with Jesus, the Fall 2021 Adult Formation class at St. Luke's Baton Rouge. The class begins at 9:45 am in Po...

A Letter from Margie on Table Talk with Jesus
Table Talk with Jesus begins Sunday, September 12
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Table Talk with Jesus, Adult Formation Class
Begins Sunday, September 12, 2021
9:45 am in Pope Hall
A Letter from
Adult Formation Director Margie Gaudet 
Dear Parish Family, 
I know you miss “life as usual”, as we do - especially since it seems that things are even more unusual than ever.  One of my grandchildren dubbed this latest weather debacle the “Corona-Cane”.  Maybe you, like me, are reeling as we jump from one of life’s“storms” to another. 
Long ago, St. James wrote a letter to the followers of Jesus.  One of his biggest themes is the gaining of God’s wisdom through perseverance in the face of - guess what?  Yep– through life’s storms and trials.  If that’s the case, we should all be pretty wise by now!
So- at St. Luke’s starting this Sunday, there’s a bright spot in the midst of all of this chaos.  We’ll gather again, as the family we are, as we start Fall Formation for all ages.  We’ll come together in Pope Hall following the 8:45 am service, drink hot coffee, enjoy a sweet or two and have precious time to catch up with friends.  As always, there will be plenty for the kids to snack on.  Speaking of kids, they’ll wander down to Witter Hall around 10:15 for a fun activity of service – see more info in the Evangelist.   
And then adults will spend some time in table conversation around this letter of James, what we’re calling “Table Talk with Jesus”. There’s no need to prepare or bring a thing. Please come, please join in, we do miss being together.  It’s just not the same without you!   We’ll see you there. 
Margie, for the Formation Team
 **Fr. Bryan will lead the first class on the Letter of James on Sunday, September 12th.**

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